Newsletter Sub-Committee Home Base

Meeting Notes
Saturday, February 10th @ 10:30AM online


  • Community Check-ins
  • Newsletter purpose & recap
  • Newsletter story request “components”
  • Dates & timelines

Community Checkins

Newsletter why & what

  • Information people can use (seasonally relevant, leaves, salt, snow), small sustainability tips for the everyday person *reminding people to do it, normalizing things. Create a document for the tip list!
  • Community based resources (workshops, WC community action, compost program)
    • CERTS Heat Pumps
    • How do you know when to compost vs. recycle
  • Other prose or art besides reports
  • Griffin relates IRA to Morris residents/businesses

Newsletter Call For Stories

  • Word count
  • Pictures
  • Specific types of stories from specific places (WCROC: Ag Innovation, UMN: Student project, education, City: projects & resources, WCMNCN: conversation & connection)
  • Relate the work back to the everyday citizen, showcasing the work, but normalizing it with neighbors.
  • Followups!! Context & story line is important!
  • Solicit for items in the Newsletter from the WCMNCN

Distribution & Sharing

  • Where to put digital copies:
    • Morris model website
    • WCROC
    • Facebook (MAHS, City, neighbors)
  • Where to put printed copies (give them a home folder/bulletin board header):
    • Willies board
    • Mall board
    • Morris Public Library
    • Pomme De Terre
    • Common Cup
    • Senior Center
    • Post Office
    • Churches
      Who to share with:
    • University Register
    • Stevens County Times
    • University Bulletin Boards
    • Farmers Market

Next Steps:

  1. Ask Morris Model for Stories at their regularly scheduled meeting
  2. @Jeff & @syd put something together by mid March
  3. Share draft with Morris Model team for approval
  4. Get it out there & try again at the end of summer!