WCMNCN Poster/Flyer Designs

Hey friends!

I am trying to put together a poster we can hang up amongst town, have in our backpacks when people ask us about the WCMNCN, and use as a general “get all the info picture” on the “Welcome to the WCMNCN Discourse” post.

I have put together this one, and am curious about your feedback. What didn’t I include? Are the colors too much? Would you read this if it was posted at Common Cup? Would you know how to get in contact if you were interested?

If YOU have any interest in creating a brochure/flyer, feel free! I am not claiming this as a Syd only task, simply it is a Syd enjoys it task.

Here it is in .png and .pdf format.

the west central minnesota climate network.pdf (26.2 KB)