August 2020 Meeting Recap

Here is the section from the most recent email I sent out that involved the August meeting recap. If you attended the meeting and have anything else to add, please do!

August Meeting

The goal of this meeting was to chat and catch up. We did not have an agenda (intentionally) and so we let the conversation flow where it flowed, and chatted about what we had on our minds. Topics covered included: the November election, school starting up, the potential for WCMNCN members to attend city meetings (city council, park board) and report back to the group, how our group needs a general/simple “win” and also a “task”.

It was a good meeting and we spent some time brainstorming about ways in which we could accomplish that “win” and “task”.

One of the ideas was to host a social distance event where we create “Vote Climate” yard/window signs. This would be both a safe gathering & also a task that folks could immediately showcase work they have done, a task & a win.

Another thought I had after the meeting was to invite everyone (on their own time) to go and visit the We Are Water Exhibit currently being held at UMM in the Morrison Gallery. We could then have a group chat about it and discuss ways in which it sparked our curiosities and motivated us. Click here for more information about the event if you are interested in attending anyways!

Also brought up at our August meeting was the question: “Who is the new City of Morris Sustainability person now that Sandeep has left?”. I asked this to Blaine and he told me it is a fella who is currently deployed in the Navy in Spain. He is leaving the Navy because he does not like how those in charge are treating the Sustainability work he is doing. From what I understand he has knowledge in things like Power Purchase Agreements and systems thinking. This is exciting! He should be starting sometime this fall, but specifics are not there yet due to COVID & getting out of the Navy both being a ~whole ordeal~ as you might imagine.