August 2022 Meeting & Notes (6 Aug 2022 @ 10:30AM)

Meeting: Aug 6th 10:30am
On the agenda is:

  • Checking in/friendship hellos
  • Shared calendar/newsletter
  • Local updates/news

We had a great meeting this morning talking about the reasons August seems to make our hearts beat faster, home weatherization, and the success of the WCMNCN shared google calendar.
Syd, Miriam, Sue, Noelle, Cameron, Erik

Takeaways from our meeting:

  • We are here to spread information that already exists, sharing the good work of others, participating in the good work of others

  • We are here to connect, with ourselves, with our community, connecting others to others, growing a network of people who care to chat and think and learn

  • The WCMNCN google calendar is here. Share it with others, subscribe to it, add events to it!

  • If you attend any events on the calendar, please share any notes or takeaways on the WCMNCN site.

  • We will all work together to update the WCMNCN google calendar so you are probably getting event notifications, check them out! Let us know if any look particularly exciting!

  • Our September meeting will be September 10th at 10:30AM online.

Thank you all for checking in and reading up. I’m always looking forward to learning and chatting with you all again,