Caucus night, Tuesday, Feb. 25 -- attend and stand for sustainability!

Hi all,

Even though we’re expressing presidential preferences in an election on March 3, don’t forget that the parties are caucusing this Tuesday evening, Feb 25 to consider party platforms and elect delegates to their respective county conventions.

Caucus locations in Morris are as follows (registration begins at 6:30pm):

Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (HTTP://
Morris Area High School
201 S. Colombia Ave
Morris MN 56267

Republican Party (HTTP://
Old No 1 Bar & Grill
412 S Atlantic Ave
Morris MN 56267

Not sure what happens at a caucus? Visit the MN Secretary of State’s website for a briefing:

Caucus attendees may introduce resolutions that are discussed, voted on and can ultimately make their way into a party’s platform, so consider bringing resolutions focused on fostering sustainability in Minnesota and the Nation.