December 2022 Meeting + Notes (Sat. Dec 3rd @10:30AM)

Meeting: December 3rd @ 10:30am
On the agenda is:


  • Checkins:
    • Cameron: papers due!
    • Syd: going to ride on a firetruck later
    • Sue: blue sky! yay! hooray!
  • Recent events:
    • Sustainability Forum: Success! Multiple keynotes from Indigenous perspectives, Oyate was full of folks, conversations and knowledge a plenty!
    • COP27 summary: Sue felt hopeful about it. They shared a bunch of information about how COP is working across the world and with input from various organizations.
    • Ben Winchester’s Rural Leadership Presentation: Nic, Sue, & Syd all attended and learned about some of the data behind how many people have to hold leadership roles in rural communities. Ben also talked about where people are spending their time and how we can track it in the current day: non-profits! The amount of people in a community who are gathering together to do activities they want to do is our new social scale. It is not always coffee shops & clubs.
  • Etc. & updates:
    • Updating the calendar to have events up until our next meeting: February 4th @10:30am.
    • Here is a link from CERTS sharing information about where to get Heat Pump knowledge: Ask Alexis | Clean Energy Resource Teams