December 2023 Meeting + Notes (Sat. Dec 2nd @ 10:30AM)

Meeting: Saturday 2nd December 2023 @ 10:30am

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  1. Read others Resilient Lawn Library Research
  2. Represent WCMNCN at Morris Model Resiliency Events
  3. Lawn chat with non-WCMNCN folks (neighbor, friend, etc.)


  • Community Check In
    • Food Emergency Preparedness Plan Sub Committee
  • Morris Model Resiliency Events Report Back
  • Resilient Lawn Library discussion & next steps
    • What would we like to see from this work?
    • Who should be involved in the conversation and why?
  • Calendar Updates


  • Community Checkins

    • @syd is making zines & invading the park board
    • Dan is retired! He is also thinking about COP28 and how our work connects to the bigger picture
    • @Susan_Gilbert is avoiding class work and thinking about how good it feels to do small things together for the climate.
    • @Nic_McPhee is excited about teaching new classes & the Blue Zones article about Albert Lea he saw online.
    • @wenkaiguan is thinking about efficiency in data centers.
    • @cberthiaume is continuing their “job” and starting to collect community wide data about trees.
    • @sandysunshine is thinking about waste, water, and brainstorming with Vern on the Food Emergency Preparedness Plan. Daniel is a kindergarten compost pro & loves to scavenge for cherry tomatoes!
    • @mgm is thinking about the Rusty Patch Bumblebee and shared the
      Final Recovery Plan _Rusty Patched Bumble Bee_2021.pdf
  • Morris Model Resiliency Events Report Back

    • Two events, one based in brainstorming, one based in recapping the projects and ideas from the brainstorming.
    • At the Morris Model events, discussion was had about the WCMNCN being an official partner of the Morris Model. Part of the WCMNCN’s work through this partnership could be the link between community members and institutions, sharing information back and forth regarding climate, resiliency, and sustainability. The WCMNCN can be a story teller for the Morris community. We will continue conversation about what our “communication plan” or “communication purpose” will be at future meetings.
    • QUESTION: Can we get access to the slides, goal sheets, and documents shared at both Morris Model events? @syd will email @griffin.peck to ask.
      • Sharing this information and putting it in a place for people to access is part of what the WCMNCN is trying to do!
  • Resilient Lawn Library discussion & next steps

    • What are next steps?
      • (1) Turn the Resilient Lawn Library into a one pager - something to easily share with people.
        • Anyone who wants to brainstorm this, or draft this up, should! A goal of having something to share before the January park board meeting would be good!
        • @cberthiaume has capacity to get this out to people through GreenCorps work. Part of their tasks include educational materials about resilient lawns!
      • (2) Initiating casual conversation with the lawn mowing companies in town
        • @sandysunshine had the great idea of making sure lawn mowing companies were in the loop about resilient lawn work. What concerns might they have? What information might they have? What interests might they have in helping transform green space to resilient green space? What ways would their input and information about lawn care support the work of resilient lawns? We want to learn from them!
      • (3) Meet with the Park Board in January
        • WCMNCN January meeting can decide what we want this conversation to look like. What is the purpose of us joining the Park Board meeting? What do we hope to share? What do we hope to learn?
    • In the future should we host a Community Resilient Lawn Meeting like we hosted the Waste Meeting?
      • This seems like a good goal to work towards in the late winter/early spring (March/April?)
      • We should work to make sure that partners and experts at this meeting are primed with these ideas beforehand.
        • Park Board, mowing companies, city council, public works, (who else would we want represented at a community meeting like this?)
  • Other conversation

    • @nic_mcphee will make sure folks have editing access on this website!
    • @syd will make a couple handouts for WCMNCN with email group, meeting link, and website link
    • The WCMNCN events calendar is open for anyone to add to their google calendar account. It has loads of regional and online events from various climate/advocacy groups!

Also, @sandysunshine shared her notes document with me after the meeting. It is such a thorough and well done list of ideas shared, read it here!

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The Planting for Pollinators guide that I mentioned can be found here!


I created a Morris Model Resiliency Planning 2.0 post and attached a link to a Google Drive folder with the event’s presentations and notes.

You can also access the Google Drive folder here:
Morris Model Resiliency Planning 2.0 Google Drive Folder