Do The Next Right Thing (Rachel J. - 26 Feb '20)

Posted in the Stevens County Times

I would like to lessen my negative impact on the environment, but I often feel overwhelmed by the countless things that I could change and should change in my actions. I recently found inspiration in how to move forward in the unlikeliest of places, Frozen II. The protagonists in Frozen II, Anna and Elsa, are faced with a crisis and don’t know what to do next. They get advice from a troll named Grand Pabbie that they need to “do the next right thing.” When you’re in the middle of a huge crisis, like we are now with climate change, it’s impossible in the moment to do all of the things to fix the crisis, but you can do the next right thing. Each month I pick a “do the next right thing” project for myself. In December I worked on getting into the habit of letting my hands drip dry rather than using paper towels when I’ve just washed my hands in a public bathroom. In January I made reusable replacements for paper tissues and paper towels out of old sheets and worn out flannel clothes. In February I got into the habit of hanging my laundry to dry (inside of course!) rather than using the dryer. These aren’t huge changes that will stop climate change, but I’m trying to do the next right thing. Thanks for the advice Grand Pabbie.


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