Do What We Do Best, Help Our Neighbors (Zach S. - 26 Feb '20)

Posted in the Stevens County Times

I spent almost two years working closely with the senior horticulture scientist and horticulture researcher at WCROC. No one kept a closer eye on the yearly seeding and harvest times, changing weather conditions, and agricultural trends than the specialists in the Horticulture division. Between caring for the grounds and assisting them in the ongoing research at Horticulture Display Gardens, we frequently talked about the state of the local region and the ongoing effects of climate change. One thing has been made certain to me: Minnesota is being hit by worsening growing seasons year by year. The trends are not in our favor. Just this last year Morris was hit by frequent rains that threatened the seeding season, and harsh sun that threatened the growing season. Many farmers have lost parts of their crops to on-and-off flooding and scorching.

Despite the obvious implications for agricultural trends in the Midwest, there is still hope. Less invasive and more efficient forms of farming are being tested every year. The ongoing research being done in the Midwest to combat the worsening conditions has the potential to save farming and more importantly leave less of an effect on the climate. This is why as Minnesotans we need to do what we do best and help our neighbors, the rest of the world, in the fight against climate change.

Zachary Seeman

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