Earth Day (Marley L. - April '20)

I’m writing this on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2020. I’ve always loved taking part and I’m so glad so many people are still participating even during these hard times we’re all facing right now. Earth Day is an important event that both celebrates the modern environmental movement and pushes people around the globe to participate in the fight against climate change. From reaching out to representatives about the climate crisis and raising awareness online, to going outdoors and cleaning up the earth around you, there are many ways to get involved on this important day.
These actions are all important and I would argue that these are things that we all can be doing more than just one day a year. Earth Day, in part, is supposed to bring awareness to the things happening to the environment and inspire change. Change doesn’t just come in one day. Earth Day this year is promoting “24 hours of action” which is a fantastic start to getting people involved in this ongoing climate crisis, but I think for these changes to truly be felt, there needs to be a continuous effort that we all should take part in. Earth Day is a wonderful thing and I hope that the conversations it sparks will continue to be had even after these 24 hours are through.

Marley Lund

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