February 2024 Meeting & Notes (Sat Feb 3 @ 10:30AM)

Meeting: Saturday 3rd February 2024 @ 10:30am

Join Online Meeting: https://meet.google.com/ksz-pzje-dzq


  1. Fill out the Morris Lawn, Salt, & Tree Care Survey.
  2. Check out the Morris Model Strategic Plan 2.0.
  3. Check out the RSDP Draft Idea Brief on the Stevens Community Emergency Food Preparedness Plan from Vern, @SandySunshine, and @mgm.


  • Community Check In
  • Announcements
  • What are Resilient Lawn next steps?
    • Meet with others? Park Board?
  • Newsletter!
    • Updates from meeting with Troy
    • New Draft from Syd, fun to get it out while its still winter.
  • WCMNCN communication strategy ?
    • If we are planning to do further engagement, education, and outreach into the community would it be a good idea to sit down and develop a “communications strategy?”
  • Next Meeting
    • March 2nd 10:30am?

Meeting Notes:
@SandySunshine detailed meeting notes:
February 2024 Meeting WCMNCN - Google Docs

  • Community Check In
    • @syd is eating so many strawberries!
    • @jeff is having conflicting feelings about climate change winter
      Crystal is also wrestling with the confusing weather. She is starting a new job with RSDP!
    • Joel is a WCROC scientist and he is thinking about engagement and how to get more people involved in the climate work
    • Vern is a community activist, he is thinking about what is happening to our local fields because of this weather, he is excited to see friends working on good projects!
    • @wenkaiguan is reducing carbon emissions in the computer rooms at UMM and UMN!
    • @nic_mcphee is confused about the veggie garden?! Should he be doing things?! (no, the answer is no)
    • @Susan_Gilbert makes art! She is noticing that most people seem to be aware of the strange weather.
    • @cberthiaume is thinking about how to how to put together what they have learned in their service into a coherent report
    • @sandysunshine is thinking about processed food & sourdough. She is engaging in practices to improve what she is putting into her & her family’s bodies.
    • Bri is thinking about finishing up senior seminar and doing math with middle schoolers.
    • @mgm is thinking about grocery shopping bags and how she can reduce the plastic usage.
  • Can we ask Willie’s to put a sign to remind folks to bring in their reusable bags?
  • Announcements
  • What are Resilient Lawn next steps?
    • Goals: to have folks adopt new lawn care strategies, to reach (X% ) of folks with educational materials
    • Having folks sign a pledge psychologically increases the chances of folks taking action.
    • Book recommendation from Crystal: Bringing Nature Home
    • Public lands are not a privacy concern, Monarch Waystation Pioneer show as a way to motivate people
    • Sell folks on the various levels of improvements, not just the top ones, could probably sell the park board on demonstration areas
    • Let’s have a Resilient Lawns sub-committee meeting!
  • Newsletter!
    • Syd’s draft looks good, Jeff will take that and design it not in Canva, hooray!
    • We will also have a newsletter sub-committee meeting to dive into these thoughts.
  • Next Meeting
    • Newsletter: Feb 10th 10:30AM
    • Resilient Lawns: Feb 17th 10:30AM
    • WCMNCN: March 2nd 10:30AM

Here is the most recent version of the food plan: