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Tom Holm from the Morris Tree Board

Informative audio of Tom Holm, as a spokesperson for the Morris Tree Board, on KMRS1230 talking about the Emerald Ash Borer threat to Morris trees. He does a great job at conveying the threat and how important it is to plant trees and that we should be planting for diversity, as well! (Recommended by @mornsky, recording from 18th September 2020)


This is super cool! Thanks for sharing!

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Here are some useful resources about low input lawns:

Bee Lawns for Minnesota (UMN Extension)

Minnesota will pay homeowners to make their lawns bee friendly (Treehugger)

State Lawn to Legumes program website (includes how to apply for cost-share)

Buffalo grass as a drought tolerant native lawn grass

Morning Sky Greenery–local supplier of buffalo grass

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I had not heard of bee lawns so that was a great thing to find out about. @Nic_McPhee has been adding Buffalo grass to our lawn mix and seems to be happy with the progress. Mostly we’re trying to expand the native plants and minimise the lawn on our corner of the world.