Getting the word out!

I want to create a space for folks to brainstorm where we could post information about our meetings to get the word out. This top post is a wiki so we can collect all of our ideas here, but feel free to also brainstorm in the replies.
I will also be putting poster ideas here as well so please comment on those too!

Methods of getting the word out:

  • Stevens County Times
  • KMRS/Community Connection
  • KUMM
  • Friday Facts
  • Posters
  • UMM Posts
  • Federated Telephone Community Calendar

Networks/People to reach out to:

  • Office of Sustainability/Welcome Center Top Floor
  • Farmers Market
  • Planning Commission
  • Theatre Board
  • Churches

Important poster places:

  • Churches
  • Willies
  • Restaurants
  • Library
  • Museum
  • City Center Mall
  • Gas Stations
  • UMM

Here is a general poster we could put around/share via emails.

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:+1: for the poster :grinning:

Is there any reasonable way to reach area businesses? When I suggested the Chamber of Commerce at our last meeting, people said that wasn’t likely to be as helpful as I would have hoped/expected. Is there some other way we could reach businesses in Morris, Stevens County, etc.?

As an example, It would be cool to be able to contact businesses that potentially generate a lot of food waste to see if they’d be interested in learning more about composting.


I assume the best method of doing that would simply be to walk on in.

We could do this generally when we put up these posters. Hang up a poster and talk to a person.

We could also do this specifically for our waste meeting. It could be similar to our assigned reminder calls, we could assign folks to different food spots and ask them to walk in and invite said food spots to the waste meeting.

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Maybe the Friday Facts email is our best bet for reaching a broad audience, especially when it’s not entirely obvious who might be interested.

As an example, what constitutes a “food spot”? How much compostable food waste does something like a gas station generate? Or is most of their stuff sealed in plastic in a way that would make it too much work for them to separate it out for composting? I have no idea, and just making assumptions may not be the best bet.

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I feel like it will be more helpful to either talk to general managers or owners of most of the businesses in town. They will be more likely to care and listen if they feel personally invited and then they can ask about what they want to know more about (recycling, providing reusable containers, or composting) and we can try to find experts to talk about dealing with waste on a larger scale scale.
Friday facts email and putting out general information is definitely helpful in spreading the word, but talking to people personally will be the most effective.


Welcome @nomuzz! Thanks for sharing. :grinning:

I think you’re right, but that takes work and I’m lazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: