January 2024 Meeting & Notes (Sat, Jan 13 10:30AM)

Meeting: Saturday 13th January 2024 @ 10:30am

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  1. Draft up some Resilient Lawn Library One Pagers
  2. Create list of folks who should be included in the resilient lawns conversation


  • Community Check In
    • Syd share WCMNCN handouts
  • Resilient Lawn Library One Pagers
  • Discuss Park Board Meeting Purpose & Conversation
  • WCMNCN communication strategy ?
    • If we are planning to do further engagement, education, and outreach into the community would it be a good idea to sit down and develop a “communications strategy?”

Communication Strategy Starting Points:


  • Community Check In

    • @syd is full of mucus in her sinuses
    • @mgm likes birding, and is curious about what kinds of chemicals she should be using for her icy sidewalk
    • @cberthiaume knows about sidewalk salt!
    • Dan is a retired pastor, hes been reading and traveling, he was hiking and birding!
      • Shared about the Friends of the Saxzim Bog
      • Reading “Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth” Edward O. Wilson
    • Vern is g-grandpa, he appreciates our climate network meetings because it reduces the isolation of our community. Working on Stevens Community Food Emergency Preparedness Plan with @sandysunshine and @mgm.
    • @sandysunshine is the president of the Morris Area Women of Today. She is tuning in from the road and is still a fantastic note taker!
    • @jeff is on the Pomme De Terre Foods board, and they are thinking about how to be a place of community instead of just a grocery store.
    • Crystal is in the midst of transition! She is reading Sand County Almanac
    • @griffin.peck is the Morris Model coordinator and is thinking about how they read nerdy things, like energy reports.
  • Announcements & Notes:

    • Lawn, Tree, & Salt Care Survey: Final Survey - Homeowners/Renters
      • This survey will inform where Cameron’s education work will lead.
      • Jeff & Cameron chatted about the difference between place, some places just don’t salt at all, some places salt way too much. Expectations of drivers also plays into the salt conversation, If people expect gnarly roads, they will drive safer, if they expect clean roads they will be a hazard.
    • Morris Model Strategic Plan 2.0 Report
    • Stevens Community Food Emergency Preparedness Plan update from Vern. We will share their document once it is ready!
    • @jeff is offering a set of eyes for design and formatting! jeffthayes@gmail.com
    • Morris Model newsletter on behalf of the WCMCN draft sharing:
      • Want it to be pulling announcements and reports from the Morris Model members to share widely
      • Ideas: community meals, published in the local paper, duplicating services, local impacts of climate, farming practices.

Sandy’s (@SandySunshine) note taking capacities have been a personal blessing to my brain these past few months, so I share her notes here for our collective benefit. I vote that they are the considered the official notes because they encapsulate our conversations incredibly!


Hi All, Happy New Year 2024! I will be traveling this Saturday, and I am afraid I may have limited internet access and cannot attend our meeting this time. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, and I look forward to meeting you all next time!