July meeting report and date for our August meeting

@syd and I made it to the Google hangout and had a great chat about our current circumstances, the latest climate news posts and the date of our next meeting.

Discussion on our current circumstances ranged widely and aided our mental health.

Latest news posts include:

  • Waste meeting survey summary
  • UMM achieves carbon neutral on electricity use
  • latest news on Morris city wide composting

We are working on a list serve to aid in the sending of email reminders about upcoming meetings and/or actions/events. Once things are set up if you’ve received email from @syd in the past you should receive an invitation to join. I will also create a news post with further information once things are good to go.

Due to circumstances our next meeting will be on the second Saturday of August. Hopefully, thereafter we will be back to the first Saturday of the month. A link will be posted closer to the meeting day on Saturday 8th August at 10.30am. See you there!

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I just sent out an email to folks about the July meeting & our plans going forward. If you have any questions or would like to be added to the westcentralmnclimatenetwork listserv, just reply to this comment!

Friends (in my brain I am typing this like “FRIENDS!!” but I did not want to startle you right off the bat),

Long time, no chatting. I want to personally apologize for my lack of communication this summer. With what felt like a million things on my plate & in my brain I did not prioritize the WCMNCN like I had hoped. I have a feeling that " no motivation to get things done that don’t have immediate consequences " is a relatable feeling right now… let me know if I am in/correct there.

At our July WCMNCN meeting Susan Gilbert & I had a lovely chat about mental health, climate news, and our hopes for how we can reinvigorate this group as a place for some do-gooding & good-feeling. Some of our main thoughts included: a WCMNCN listserv and an August “get-together” . This email serves the purpose to tell you about both of these things.

WCMNCN Listserv

This was an idea from our pal Nic McPhee. A listserv would be helpful for sending out meeting reminders & letting people know about important news and events. If you would define yourself as any of the following I encourage you to be on the lookout for the email invite I will be sending out shortly.

~People Who Should Join The WCMNCN Email List~

  • People who care about the climate and its effects on Earthly activity
  • People who are craving human interaction around non-work related things
  • People who were fairly involved with WCMNCN pre-COVID
  • People who weren’t fairly involved with WCMNCN pre-covid
  • People who like getting updates on cool sustainability things in the WC MN area
  • Someone who replies to my secret tests within emails (ps there is a secret test in this one)
  • Dogs with email addresses

If any of these apply to you, I strongly encourage you to open the email you get from “westcentralmnclimatenetwork” and click on the button that looks like this: image.png.


August "get-together"

On Saturday, August 8th at our normal meeting time, 10:30AM we will be having a Google Hangout! There is officially no agenda for this hangout. We were hoping it could be a sort of “check in” and “friend hello” as we talk about where the WCMNCN left off and what people have been thinking about in regards to sustainability, recycling, climate, etc. over the summer. The last meeting we had left me feeling very hopeful & energized so if you are craving some of that I encourage you to join in! The Google Hangout link will be sent out on the new listserv, as well as be posted on westcentralmnclimate.network once the date gets a lil’ closer.

Other than that, I do not have much new information for you all. I hope you all have a nice slide into August.

The secret test in this email is to reply to me and let me know something that happened this month that made you SMILE, something that made you CRY, and something that made you LAUGH. Here are mine: SMILE- my dog rolling down a hill in the grass, CRY- the movie How To Train Your Dragon, LAUGH- my younger sibling who I got to see for the first time this month since January.

I wish you all my best,