June Meeting (12 June 2021 @ 10:30AM)

Here are some notes and thoughts from our June 12 meeting:

  • We are hoping to start hosting meetings in person again. Our next meeting will be July 10th at 10:30AM in Eastside Park!
    • This meeting will involve coming up with a general description of the event we hope to hold in the fall (next bullet point) and sending out some initial emails to folks asking to meet about developing information/educational stuff.
  • We want to plan a bigger event this fall (no rush to make the event happen) to remind people that we are still a group and we want to still be involved in climate discussions!
    • Event framing: Waste/Garbage Fair @ a park in town!
    • Invite folks to come and learn about waste/garbage and how they can contribute to the ongoing organics/recycling work through Pope Douglas & Engebretson’s.
    • Hopefully allow folks to meet the new city Green Corps member
    • We want to be the organizers for the event but have conversations with Engebretson’s, Pope Douglas, City of Morris, & maybe restaurants to help us create the informational part of the event.
    • We want to plan meetings and conversations with these groups before the fall meeting so that they are key partners in making the event happen, after all we are not the experts, they are.
    • We do not want it to be lecture, yet we do want it to be framed around “come & learn & contribute to the convo”
    • This event will be a way for regular folks in the public as well as business owners to jump back into the conversation surrounding organics/waste/recycling, meet fellow waste enthusiasts, and learn more about how the system is working.
    • Homework before the July meeting: refresh your brain about what was talked about at the February 2020 waste meeting via Noelle’s notes!