June Meeting & Notes (4 June 2022 @ 10:30AM)

June 2022 Meeting Notes:

  • Introductions
    • Everyone shared their injury horror stories (lots with knees, one with an ER visit due to an earplug)
    • Had some new faces in attendance, nice to meet in person at Eastside park
  • Newsletter
    • Part of what we view our purpose as is not to initiate and create all of the good sustainability work going on in our area, but to amplify it. We want to be a network of people to share the good news and events with each other to support our already existing community. One way we can do that is through a newsletter and events calendar.
    • Our first task is to come up with a list of newsletters that might have the events and activities we would like to share with people. Who is doing climate and sustainability related work in our area? Where are they sharing their events and updates? We will compile that list on this Local Climate News & Events Thread
    • Once compiled with a list of places to draw information from, we will put together a newsletter template (current events, local news, climate discussions, art, etc.) and decide how often we would like to send one out.
  • Calendar

Our next meeting will be on Saturday July 9th at 10:30AM in Eastside Park! - its already in the calendar :wink:

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