May 2024 Meeting & Notes (Sat May 4 @ 10:30AM)

Meeting: Saturday May 4th 2024 @ 10:30am

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  • Community Check In
  • Announcements
  • Farmers Market Presence?
  • PDT Picnic Area by @Jeff
  • Sub-Committee Sharing
    • Morris Model Newsletter
    • Resilient Lawns
    • Food Systems
      • Intro to Food Security Surveys & Center for Small Towns’ Rural Food Security Initiative (Ed Brands)
  • Determine Next Meetings


Community Checkins

  • @syd is feeling loved, joyful, and ready for the sunshine of summer
  • @Susan_Gilbert was thrilled about the MCAP award ceremony held in Syd’s yard. She loved the conversation and connection with others.
  • @Nic_McPhee is thinking about how wonderful and special it was for the MCAP team to come out to Morris to celebrate Syd, he liked chatting with Syd’s dad, and he can see the end of the UMM semester tunnel.
  • @cberthiaume is sad they missed the Syd party and that they will be carless for a while. They are ready to be back in Morris!
  • @briana_dokken is thinking about HVAC stuff and how a lot of passive design is very sustainable but people are not thinking about how it is environmental. HVAC has lots of potential!
  • Joel T is thinking about “How do we get others to understand?” and “How do we get people to change because they WANT to?” This is why groups like this exist, to converse and communicate.
    • Cameron mentioned that one of their Green Corps training sessions was about Climate Communication, a big part of connection is about feelings not facts

Announcements & Conversation:

  • Tree Planting Poster.pdf (668.0 KB)
  • Tree Survey/Tree ID with Cameron
  • 17 Rooms - June 12th
  • Farmers Market Presence
    • Syd plans on going to the pre-season meeting on June 6th at 3PM at the MPL
    • We will plan to chat about out purpose and intent for a farmers market presence at the June 1st WCMNCN meeting
    • Is there potential to shut down the street for Farmer’s Market shananigans? This is something we should bring up.
  • PDT Picnic Spot is going to happen! Hooray @Jeff, we are excited to hang out next to PDT, lets plan a WCMNCN meeting there.
  • Walk/Bike to school “bus”
    • Lets think about logistics & doing this in the future. It would be fun & joyful!
  • Newsletter
    • The first one is out, we should bug people to share it more digitally
    • Next newsletter: Food Security Survey, Syd’s Award,
  • Resilient Lawns
    • Syd & Cameron planned an expert meeting for May 24th
    • For future planning of Resilient Lawns List: walk to see local lawns, signage identifying it (putting an EST. on the sign so folks know what it looks like when)
  • Food Systems
    • Ed Brands will hopefully come to the June 1st meeting to share the data from the WCMN Food Security Survey! We should consider the Center for Small Towns’ Rural Food Security Initiative friends and partners in this work!

To Do:

  • Ask @griffin.peck to share the Newsletter on Morris Model social media. Ask others to share Morris Models official post.
  • Hear from @cberthiaume about Tree ID/Survey trainings
  • Go to Resilient Lawns Experts meeting on May 25th at 10:30AM at

Next Meeting:

  • Saturday, June 1st at 10:30AM at
    • Ed Brands Food Security Survey
    • Purpose of Farmer’s Market Presence
    • Plan for an outside, in person meeting this summer
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Hi All, I am sorry I missed our meeting yesterday due to the final week. I look forward to meeting you all soon!

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