Morris Model Resiliency Series (NEXT EVENT: 4/27/21 @ 6PM)

Morris Model Resiliency Series

The Morris Model will be hosting and facilitating a series of discussions centered around community resiliency with community members, community leaders, and experts. The goal is to engage our community and think about it means for us to be resilient, how we become more resilient, and why it matters.
–Morris Model website


3rd Event: Preparedness in Outdoor Recreation
Tue, Apr 27, 6PM
Join us and outdoor recreational experts to discuss resiliency and preparedness in outdoor recreation activities like hunting & fishing.

2nd Event: Preparedness in Agriculture
Tue, March 23, 6PM
Join us and agricultural leaders & experts to discuss resiliency and preparedness in agriculture. Agriculture is an important way of life for us all with agricultural resiliency being crucial.

1st Event: Climatic Changes in Minnesota – Ongoing Trends and Future Projections
Tue, Feb 23, 6PM
Our first two presenters will be Dr. Heidi Roop, Extension Specialist in Climate Science, University of Minnesota Extension & Dr. Kenneth Blumenfeld, a climate scientist with the State Climatology Office.

Intro Event: The Morris Model: Looking Back & Ahead
Tue, Feb 02, 6PM-7PM
The Morris Model has many new updates, and is excited to have a webinar to kick off the new year and introduce the member organizations and community at large to the guiding spirit and philosophy of the Morris Model initiative as well as the completed, on-going, and planned Morris Model work.

Future dates for Morris Model Resiliency Series
Tuesday 27th April
Tuesday 25th May
Tuesday 22nd June
Tuesday 27th July
Tuesday 24th August
and one more date to be decided in the autumn when we can meet in person

As information becomes available you can find news about the Resiliency Series at the Morris Model Web site here and we will share it here as well.

Thank you for sharing Syd! I can’t be there this week, but you should tell me all the cool things that happened!

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First event happening next week!