QOTW Suggestions

Comment with your suggestions for QOTW. What do you want to learn about from your neighbors? If you were to bump into someone at Common Cup what would be a fun think to ask them?

Share a vegetarian recipe, How did you come to realize the environment is changing, Who do you look up to as an environmental leader, Climate policy: what are your thoughts, How do you alter your lifestyle based on your climate values, There are bigger themes within climate organizing (i.e. its not a consumer problem, its a corporation problem)… what are some of these big ideas that you think about but haven’t fully flushed out answers for, What is a climate related problem you think about but don’t have an answer for?

  • Tips and tricks you have learned that make things easier/more environmentally friendly etc.
  • Everyday signs of climate change.
  • What gives you hope?
  • When the pandemic is over what are you going to keep doing that you began during Covid Times?
  • What made you laugh recently?