Recent News (Feb 2021)

From Sam Rosemark, UMM student and student body president:

Watch my testimony & climate story at the


Minnesota Voices on Climate Change event below! I share how my 2020 trip to Germany empowered me and my community in rural MN. There are other amazing speakers to listen to also. #EyeWitnessMN
The 5 minute clip of Sam can be found here.

Electric powered school buses are coming to Morris Check out the Morris Model posting here.

The Morris Model Resiliency Series will be coming to a Zoom near you shortly. Topics to be covered include:

  • agriculture and food security
  • natural resources and outdoor recreation
  • public health
  • infrastructure and utilities
  • culture and community identity
  • local economy and property values

Tuesday 2nd February was the introductory event: The Morris Model: Looking Back & Ahead

The Morris Model has many new updates, and is excited to have a webinar to kick off the new year and introduce the member organizations and community at large to the guiding spirit and philosophy of the Morris Model initiative as well as the completed, on-going, and planned Morris Model work.

To learn more check out the Morris Model Web Site

There’s still time to join the local solar coop. An installer has been selected and will be making visits to the community shortly. If you have any interest in putting solar panels on your home or business now is the time to join.

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