Resilient Lawns Sub-Committee Home Base

Meeting Notes: February 17th @ 10:30AM

Community Check-ins

Syd shared some context and history of the Resilient Lawns Work

New Conversation:

  • Cameron was thinking with Griffin about applying to the Lawns to Legumes program to establish an example plot.
  • Instead of creating an example plot, can we collect examples that already exist in our community? Could we create a “Resilient Lawns Walking Tour” of Morris.
  • Sharing the Lawns to Legumes application is an immediate work we can do:

One Pager:

  • Why would you want to have a Resilient Lawn?
    • wildlife, pollinators
    • reducing needs for chemicals (runoff, water quality)
    • lower maintenance
  • Where can I see examples?
    • Walking Tour of Resilient Lawns in Morris
    • Walking Tour of Rain Gardens in Morris
    • Public Rain Garden - Highland Drive (who put it there, how do they maintain it?)
    • Behind the Mall native plantings
    • UMN Morris Prairie Plantings
  • How to get started
    • Lawns to Legumes
    • SWCD Rain Gardens
    • Morning Sky Greenery
  • Cater to the wide array of folks - not just the ones who do the most lawn changes
    • If you want the lawn you have, how can you take care of it more resiliently
    • How can we frame resilient lawns in a way that does not make big ag think we are upset with them?
      • “we want pollinators because we are an agricultural area, have resilient lawns to help support farmers”
  • Nic & Sue could apply to Lawns to Leguemes as an example lawn
    • WCMNCN friends help plant it
    • Good visual & story
    • “Community barn raising, but for lawns. :-)” Nic

How can we continue this conversation once we create the one pager?

  • Park Board
  • Put up signs in yard
  • Normalizing the behavior
  • Reach out to folks with these types of lawns (we <3 your lawn list)
  • Master Gardeners - garden tour
  • Pomme De Terre Garden Club
  • Vicky Dosdall
  • Sue Granger
  • Seed collection events, USFWS events
  • Bee house making

Next Steps:

  • One Pager (syd)
  • Resilient Lawn/Rain Gardens Map
  • Expanding Conversation

To Do:

  • Cameron
    • Talk to Sue about the Mall
    • Talk to Public Works about Highland Drive
  • Syd
    • Draft up one pager
    • Create a list: Sally Finzel can give us names
    • Garden Club reach out and ask if they have a meeting with no agenda that we could crash and chat about lawn stuff