Resilient Lawns Sub-Committee Home Base

This post serves as the home base for Resilient Lawn Sub-Committee meetings, conversations, and notes. It has been turned into a wiki so any member with a log-in to the site can edit and organize this post.

Current Sub-Committee Members: @Nic_McPhee, @cberthiaume, @syd, @mgm

Google Folder Link: Resilient Lawns - Google Drive

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Saturday April 20th @ 10:30 AM online at
    • Resilient Lawns Sub-Committee will meet to discuss:
      • The Resilient Lawn One-Pager (please check out this document and add your edits/suggestions)
      • Next Steps: PDT Garden Club, Community Meeting, Farmers Market ?

Past Meetings:

To Do:

  • Finalize Resilient Lawns One Pager - anyone is welcome to edit & suggest here
  • Resilient Lawn/Rain Gardens Map
  • Expanding Conversation
    • Reach out to PDT Garden Club to ask if we could crash their meeting to chat about Resilient Lawns
    • Consider reaching out to Park Board in the future

Links & Resources:

Meeting Notes: February 17th @ 10:30AM

Community Check-ins

Syd shared some context and history of the Resilient Lawns Work

New Conversation:

  • Cameron was thinking with Griffin about applying to the Lawns to Legumes program to establish an example plot.
  • Instead of creating an example plot, can we collect examples that already exist in our community? Could we create a “Resilient Lawns Walking Tour” of Morris.
  • Sharing the Lawns to Legumes application is an immediate work we can do:

One Pager:

  • Why would you want to have a Resilient Lawn?
    • wildlife, pollinators
    • reducing needs for chemicals (runoff, water quality)
    • lower maintenance
  • Where can I see examples?
    • Walking Tour of Resilient Lawns in Morris
    • Walking Tour of Rain Gardens in Morris
    • Public Rain Garden - Highland Drive (who put it there, how do they maintain it?)
    • Behind the Mall native plantings
    • UMN Morris Prairie Plantings
  • How to get started
    • Lawns to Legumes
    • SWCD Rain Gardens
    • Morning Sky Greenery
  • Cater to the wide array of folks - not just the ones who do the most lawn changes
    • If you want the lawn you have, how can you take care of it more resiliently
    • How can we frame resilient lawns in a way that does not make big ag think we are upset with them?
      • “we want pollinators because we are an agricultural area, have resilient lawns to help support farmers”
  • Nic & Sue could apply to Lawns to Leguemes as an example lawn
    • WCMNCN friends help plant it
    • Good visual & story
    • “Community barn raising, but for lawns. :-)” Nic

How can we continue this conversation once we create the one pager?

  • Park Board
  • Put up signs in yard
  • Normalizing the behavior
  • Reach out to folks with these types of lawns (we <3 your lawn list)
  • Master Gardeners - garden tour
  • Pomme De Terre Garden Club
  • Vicky Dosdall
  • Sue Granger
  • Seed collection events, USFWS events
  • Bee house making

Next Steps:

  • One Pager (syd)
  • Resilient Lawn/Rain Gardens Map
  • Expanding Conversation

To Do:

  • Cameron
    • Talk to Sue about the Mall
    • Talk to Public Works about Highland Drive
  • Syd
    • Draft up one pager
    • Create a list: Sally Finzel can give us names
    • Garden Club reach out and ask if they have a meeting with no agenda that we could crash and chat about lawn stuff

Meeting Notes: March 17th @ 10:30AM

Community Checkins

  • @syd has been thinking about the 10 Principles of Disability Justice and the book Crip Kinship.
  • Crystal is thinking about being busy with work! Lots of connection and learning and goodness!
  • @briana_dokken is thinking about Math Nerd stuff!
  • @cberthiaume is thinking a lot about trees because they were at the Spring Expo for the Tree Board.
    • They are working on an updated “Trees You Should & Should Not Plant” list, they will share that once it’s done!
    • Crystal shared the Moorhead forestry page: City of Moorhead : Forestry

One Pager Draft
all friends welcome to edit and suggest things on this document

  • What is the purpose? What are we doing with this?
    • Using it as an intro and welcome into the conversation for folks who ARE and ARE NOT YET interested in transitioning into/learning about resilient lawns
    • Resilient Lawn & Tree Meeting - Welcoming community members to having a conversation about resilient lawns in our community.
      • What questions do we want answered at this meeting?
      • What experts do we want to come share?
      • What community education should happen here? (dispel no mow may, share about tree pruning)
  • More pictures in the one-pager!
  • We should create a digital “one-pager extended” with more resources for folks who want to learn more
    • funding opportunities
    • grasses & plants
  • Make sure to mention that you don’t have to replace your whole lawns! This is a gradient

Local Resilient Lawn List - Keep adding to this list!!

Other Notes & Chats:

  • Cameron - Research on City Center Mall & Highland Dr.
    • City Center Mall Native Plantings was a project with the MN Design Team
    • 18 Highland Drive rain garden put in by SWCD. From Matt Solemsass: “We installed the rain garden on Highland Dr. I actually used to live right across the street from it and have a raingarden in the yard there as well. The city staff would never do any maintenance on it so the neighborhood would do any maintenance that was needed. We have probably built 60 or more rain gardens in the city and surrounding county in the last 10 years. We offer cost-share to homeowners for doing these and generally do anywhere from 2-6 a season. We already have a well established program in place.”
  • WCMNCN at booth things and farmers market things!