Sept Meeting + Notes (11 Sept 2021 @ 10:30AM in Eastside Park)

11 Sept 2021 @ 10:30AM in Eastside Park

We will be discussing any final steps and thoughts about the event planning before heading out on the town to hang up posters!

Meeting Notes:

  • What tech do we need?
    • Projector, screen, microphone, speaker, extension cords, laptop, cord that plugs laptop into projector (@nomuzz is in charge of reserving tech from campus)
  • What do we want Nathan to speak on?
    • History of PDSWM, Glacial Ridge Compost Facility project, how the current organics program works, list of champions in P/D that Stevens County folks can contact
  • Advertising ideas
    • Electronic signs around town (@syd has sent emails)
    • Friday Facts (@syd and Troy E.)
    • Farmers Market sign (@Susan_Gilbert would you want to make a yard sign for this one?)
    • Yard signs for day of and for spreading around town (@Susan_Gilbert & @Nic_McPhee )
    • Display screens on campus (@syd has emailed Dave Swenson)
    • Other towns (Cyrus, Donnelly,Hancock, Chokio, Alberta) @syd will do this

If you put up posters please mark in this document where you put them and where still needs one: