September 2022 Meeting & Notes (10 Sept 2022 @ 10:30AM)

Meeting: Sept 10th 10:30am
On the agenda is:

  • Checking in/friendship hellos/being pals in community
  • Shared calendar/newsletter/event reports
  • Local updates/news

Syd, Cameron, Tony, Sue, Nic, and Jules

  • Checking in/friendship hellos/being pals in community:

    • Syd is working and spending time with family
    • Nic is coding & readjusting to life post knee injury
    • Sue is gardening & planning gardening, looking forward to continued time and conversation with family
    • Tony is adjusting to a new routine and excited to go canoeing on the Pomme de Terre!
    • Cameron is getting homework done early in the weekend and looking forward to the WCROC Energy Trail’s completion
    • Jules is putting together an etymology display and is excited about an afternoon nap
  • Event reports & updates

    • Sue & Nic attended another weatherizing old houses online event. They learned about heat pumps, window upgrades, and how important insulation is. They noted that when they had their AC installed a couple of years ago there did not seem to be any insulation in the walls because houses built in the late 1800s probably used sawdust for insulation and theirs has mostly settled down. Energy conservation has less to do with energy and more to do with sealing up the spaces we use the energy! They recommend these webinars highly because it gives them technical insight to plan ahead and save money.
    • Syd went to the WCROC student end of summer seminars. Students presented on the WCROC energy trail (Cameron), Ammonia Storage Safety (Mara), Ammonia as an energy storage system in microgrids (Thilo), Plastic vs. Paper mulch (Zoe), and Grit Weeding (Hayden). Syd appreciated these presentations because it is a reminder that a large reason our community is succeeding in these sustainability efforts is due to the young people gathering the information and doing the grunt work so that our leaders can make informed decisions. It is exciting to be reminded of the cool things local people are doing in local places.
    • Syd also shared a Stevens County Organics program update. Dropsites should be completed by the end of September with kickoff events happening late Sept/early Oct. An email will be sent out to the WCMNCN crew as well as the Stevens County Organics email list.
    • Sue shared that Troy Goodnough often sends out an email with exciting sustainability news. They will be posting that information on the WCMNCN site as Troy sends out the emails. You can read the most recent email here.
  • Calendar Update

    • Time was spent updating the WCMNCN calendar. This calendar has local events from all sorts of organizations on it. You can add this calendar to your calendars here.
      - The next WCMNCN meeting will be on October 1st at 10:30AM online. We will once again meet to hear from each other, share about all the exciting local sustainability work happening, and then do our darndest to make sure others hear about the exciting news as well!