September 2023 Meeting & Notes (Sat Sep 9th @ 10:30am)

Meeting: Saturday 9th September 2023 @ 10:30am
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  • Welcome & WCMNCN Intro
  • Community Check In
  • MRES Sustainability Tour
  • Continuing Conversation: Native lawns, non-turf lawns, local regulations, etc.
    • Folks attending the meeting were to bring (1) thoughts they have had over the last month surrounding these topics and (2) a friend to add to the conversation!
  • Calendar Updates


  • WCMNCN Mission: To promote individual and group action toward a resilient, equitable and sustainable community through modelling behavioural change, conversation and education.
  • Things to keep on your radar:
    • MRES Sustainability Tour
    • Morris Model Strategic Planning
      • This is happening in early November, if you are interested in participating, email Syd! Many of you should have already gotten an invite.
    • WCMNCN Events Calendar
      • This calendar is updated monthly with upcoming local climate related events. If you have events to add to the calendar let @syd or @Susan_Gilbert know!
  • Community Checkins (who are you & what lawn thoughts have you been thinking about)
    • @syd: the complexities of being a tenant and not being able to control lawn changes
    • @Susan_Gilbert: Is enthusiastically breaking the city code (just found out!)
    • @NIc_McPhee: Noticing impact of drought on lawn care & garden creeping outward
    • @nomuzz: Also has never had her own lawn! Boo!
    • @Vern: Herbicides are being used too much
    • Donna: Our yard is shifting because of the trees that have been taken down, how do we manage this shift?
    • @mgm: There are resources in extension that have helped neighboring communities promote No Mow May
    • @heather: Has shifted her backyard over the past few years, struggles with the front yard and how the city’s control over construction impacts it
    • Caitlin: Has been shifting her own lawn to pollinator friendly, monarch friendly, shade tolerant lawn in various spaces. Has resources about organizations researching and promoting resilient lawn maintenance.
  • Slow Mow Summer vs. No Mow May
  • Resources:
  • Conversation topics, questions, & ideas
    • How can tenants and landlords be supported and encouraged to participate in resilient lawn maintenance?
    • City of Morris has a green corps member this year, Cameron, our friend! I believe their position will be about Green Spaces
    • How does labor influence lawn maintenance on the UMM campus?
    • How could city ordinances be changed to allow more flexibility and natural green space, while also maintaining safe lines of sight and access for pedestrians and vehicles?
    • How do the City of Morris regulations align with the MN State regulations?
    • When there is new construction, why aren’t resilient lawn practiced promoted from the beginning?
  • Who would we like to have further conversation with?
  • Next Steps:
    • Anyone is welcome to reach out to any of the above mentioned folks to chat with. Folks hearing from multiple angles that they will be invited to conversation is helpful! Syd will reach out to City Council/Planning Commission to find a time to sit down and have a lawn conversation in early October. We will invite many folks to this conversation. A goal for the conversations about lawns over the winter is: “Having conversation to encourage outreach and education about local lawn resiliency”

Next Regular Meeting : Saturday October 14, 10:30am on Zoom