Stop the University from Using Public Funds for Oil Pipelines and Annoy Some Bank Execs


So most of you are probably familiar with Line 3, which is an oil pipeline that connects oil from Tar Sands in Canada to ports in Duluth. It moves the thickest, nastiest oil that is the difficult to refine and even more difficult to clean up when it leaks. If you want more information you can look here.
If you’re not familiar with Line 3 and want to learn more you can check out these resources that a student from Macalaster put together:

Yesterday was a big day for university students put together a bunch of protests to ask their universities to stop funding these projects? How are they funding these projects? Through divestments, the Universities have endowments, which is basically them working with investment bankers and investing in different companies, like the Line 3 pipeline. If you think it’s disgusting that a non-profit, public institution that is funded through government grants is taking that money and putting it into oil pipelines to make a profit is bad, then sign this letter the University asking them to disclose and divest. We want them to disclose by being more transparent about where they are putting their money and to divest and take it away from oil companies.

If you want to be more involved in other ways to stop Line 3, there is a hilarious calendar jam program, where we just spam investment bank executives with calendar invites. Go to your google/microsoft or whatever calendar, pick a date between March 15th and March 31st, make an event titled ‘Defund Line 3,’ ‘Stop with the oil money,’ or something else creative and then invite:,,, This is a project led by Stop The Money Pipeline and you can read their instructions here:

Note they have a few more bank executives in their list who have turned on spam filters, so we think that they’re seeing and being annoyed with the messages. ALSO BE SURE TO CLICK SEND INVITE SO THEY GET LIKE 5,000 STOP LINE 3 EMAILS.

Spam: the new socially distant protest.

Thank you for reading and have fun spamming bank execs.

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