Water and Waste!

I am here reflecting on water and waste, because they are very important and don’t get talked about enough, so here I am doing so!

I totally should’ve sat at Syd’s table today at the Sustainability Conference 2.0 brainstorming session and I’m sorry I didn’t. These are just a few relevant articles that have been on my mind lately, so I’m definitely interested in these topics!

This first one is important to me, because I work at SCMC in Morris and take biohazard bags out to the shed in back, and just trained someone at work on this process. Proper disposal is important!

Another link on waste to reduce garbage on/in lakes!

Morris Water information:

This link contains a link to an added layer on Google Maps which shows all the waterways in MN that have detected PFAS in their sampling.

“A FOX 9 Investigators analysis of years of testing data reveals at least 148 lakes, rivers and streams had fish contaminated with at least some level of PFAS chemicals detected.”

Here’s some more on PFAS:

Water Quality Violations:

Bans to protect water:

Silica gel harms water and ecosystems:
The Importance of Eliminating Silica Gel - Micro-Pak.

Microplastics in water: