WCMNCN Farmer's Market Booth

Sign up for WCMNCN Farmer’s Market Tabling Here: WCMNCN Tabling Sign Up - Google Docs

You will pick up tabling supplies at (PDT Foods - not confirmed yet), you will return the supplies to their home when you are done!

Once you sign up for a slot, Syd will reach out to make sure you feel confident and capable!

WCMNCN Farmers Market Thought Primer

The following text is to remind you, based on the June 2024 WCMNCN meeting, why we are tabling at the Farmer’s Market and how we can find success in that purpose!

WCMNCN Mission Statement: The WCMNCN works to promote individual and group action toward a resilient, equitable and sustainable community through modeling behavioral change, conversation and education.

What is the purpose of the WCMNCN Farmer’s Market Table?

  • To advertise the WCMNCN, to let people know we exist
  • To put some human faces to the WCMNCN, to legitimize the WCMNCN
  • To have conversation
  • To learn people’s names
  • To learn about resources from others, and share about resources we know, to grow the communal web of resources
  • To invite more people to be involved in the WCMNCN so we have more hands (to take action), more minds (to share ideas and perspectives), and more neighbors (to know & be friends with)
  • To have a public presence of people who value sustainability, resiliency, and the climate
  • To invite people who might not be thinking about WCMNCN topics to start thinking about these topics.
  • To remind people that they do care about WCMNCN topics and remind them that they do want to and can take action
  • To learn from people about what they want to see in their resilient community

What are some ways to start these conversations?

  • By asking questions, we ask about who they are and what they value
  • By introducing ourselves, the WCMNCN, and why we are a part of it
  • By asking to be introduced to someone else, by showcasing our desire to want to know someone new
  • By showing a desire to meet people, learn about them, and understand what they care about

What are we hoping to come away with from a day at the Farmer’s Market? What is considered a success or a win?

  • Handing out a WCMNCN zine
  • New members interested in joining/taking action
  • Good conversations
  • New projects/ideas/ways to think about things
  • New connections to people & resources
  • Friendships, learning someone’s name
  • Affirmations to the WCMNCN “what you are doing is important”

I can’t officially commit to tabling, but the babies and I are hoping to make Farmer’s Market trips a regular part of our routine. So we could perhaps join whoever IS tabling for the WCMNCN for a bit of company and sideshow attraction :rofl:

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