Energy/Grid Resources

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Otter Tail Power Company (OTPCO)

  • This is a slideshow that Steve Payne of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign shared with a few of us on Sept 10th. It has lots of information on OTPCO as a energy provider and as a corporation. Check out slide 8 for some gross information on the CEO’s $$$.
    Here’s the updated version of the slideshow from Thursday 1st October

Thursday 22nd October at 6pm will be another meeting so we can learn more about Otter Tail Power Company and discuss how we could encourage them to switch from coal fired power stations to renewables.

Solar Power Information

Solar United Neighbors
Find out more about solar power here on the web.

  • Join the solar coop here
    Joining the coop is really straight forward, costs nothing and does not commit you to doing anything. The goal is to get a group of interested people together who want to investigate the possibility of installing solar panels on their homes or other buildings. By grouping together you can get competitive pricing on solar panels, plus (quoting from the web site):

  • Info to help you understand solar. Our vendor-neutral solar experts are here to help you understand how solar works and make the best decision for your energy needs.

  • A direct line to ask specific questions. You can call or email us anytime you need help. We’ll be here now and long after you install solar.

  • A team that solicits and reviews proposals from solar companies. First, Solar United Neighbors requests bids on your behalf. Then, a committee of your fellow co-op members meet to assess the pros and cons and select the best installer for the group. (Note: If that sounds interesting to you, you’re also welcome to join the selection committee!)

  • Community. You’ll join the growing solar movement. You’ll have a built-in network of support and inspiration from others who, like you, are taking a stand for energy freedom and advancing the clean energy economy.

  • A bigger impact! Going solar creates jobs, and puts energy production and its benefits back in the hands of the people and contributes to cleaner air and water for everyone. A solar co-op amplifies those outcomes exponentially.