Tree and Arctic Ice news. Date reminders

Tom Holm from the Morris Tree Board

Informative audio of Tom Holm, as a spokesperson for the Morris Tree Board, on KMRS1230 talking about the Emerald Ash Borer threat to Morris trees. He does a great job at conveying the threat and how important it is to plant trees and that we should be planting for diversity, as well! (Recommended by @mornsky)

Alarm about Sea Ice

Alarm as Arctic sea ice not yet freezing at latest date on record. Delayed freeze in Laptev Sea could have knock-on effects across polar region, scientists say. (From The Guardian.)

If you’re at all interested in joining the Solar Coop check out the link before the closing deadline of Saturday 31st October. (I’m happy to answer any questions.)

Our next meeting is Saturday 7th November, attend through this link. (If you’d like to receive email reminders/invitations about upcoming meetings and events join our list at

The Beyond Coal Campaign meeting (regarding Otter Tail Power) didn’t happen as originally planned. I will share the rescheduled date once I know it. Check out our Energy/Grid Resources post to learn more about this project.

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