July Meeting [Edit: Notes Added] - IN PERSON (July 10 2021 @ 10:30AM @ Eastside Park)

Meeting Notes

Important thought: waste reduction is always top priority and should be considered before organics/recycling/etc.

Event Framing: We want to host an educational event where we as a group have brought together the information surrounding the Stevens County Organics program to inform anyone interested in the system. We see there being multiple audiences: commercial users who want to partake, individual users who want to partake, backyard composters, and those who desire finished compost, with an emphasis on the first two.

In order to share this information we need to know how the system is going to get set up & ~when~. So our next steps are to set up meetings with the following folks to gain information.

  • Nathan (& Chris Watkins)
  • Steven’s County (Bill Kleindl, Chris Watkins)
  • Engebretsons (Troy, Chris Watkins)


Nathan (Chris Watkins, WCMNCN):

  • Do you have a strong role in the stevens county system?
  • Can we use your documents and alter them to be Morris specific?
  • What are the Green Warriors? Would we qualify for that?
  • Tips and Tricks for coordinating this community outreach

Stevens County (Bill Kleindl, Chris Watkins):

  • Do we know where the drop site will be?
  • How is the system for commercial users going to work? For individual users?
  • Questions on funding similar to Pope Douglas Green Warriors
  • What will people be required to do in order to utilize the drop site?

Engebretsons (Troy, Chris Watkins):

  • Who/how is hauling organics from restaurants?
  • Who/how is hauling organics from drop site to Pope Douglas?
  • What parts of this system are not figured out yet?
  • Do we know where the drop site will be?
  • What is the pricing for all of this?

General Questions:

  • How are we incentivizing this to make it so compost isn’t a hassle?

July and August will be gathering/coordinating the organics program information.
September will be event planning mode.

Quick notes for event planning mode:

  • Invite: Vance Gullickson, Josie Rehbein, Gail Boe?, OOS Interns
  • Advertise for businesses to come but also in businesses for general public

Our first in person meeting in a long time!

Saturday, July 10th @ 10:30AM in Eastside Park

If you cannot make it in person but would like to attend, let @syd know and we will call you in or something!

BYOLC (bring your own lawn chair)
I did get permission from Lori of the Makers Fest for us to be in the park, she said we could maybe put our info in the Makers Fest program if we wanted and that there probably wouldn’t be much going on in the park until noon anyways so we are good there!
Here is the FB event for that.


  • Come up with some general framing of the event: overall outcomes, what we want people to learn, vibes, etc so we can send that info to the folks
  • Come up with a list of folks (partners/experts) for this event
    • send emails to these folks to plan some initial meetings with them to think through some of the content/activities during this event
  • Pick a couple general dates/times for ideas to suggest to the folks

@Susan_Gilbert and I put together a “flyer” in case there are folks on Saturday that would like to learn more. I’ve attached the PDF here in case anyone (looking at you @syd :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) has a chance to look it over and see if there’s something we should change before we print a few out.

This has four on a sheet of letter paper, and then we’d cut them out so we don’t print too many sheets. If there are leftovers we could hang/leave them at various places.

We’ve tested the QR codes on several phones, but other folks might give them a try as well just to confirm that they work on a variety of devices.


ClimateNetworkHandout_front.pdf (107.5 KB)

Hey! This looks great! My only thought is if you are printing it 4 to a page, will the font be too small, especially on the email list part.

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Saturday is the day! 10:30AM in Eastside Park!

I have had some convo’s and thoughts with our own @Chris_Watkins about making this event a sort of Compost Kickoff for the City of Morris/Steven’s County compost program with Pope Douglas Recycling. The framing makes sense and Chris has given me some good resources to start our conversation with. This framing also gives us some specific folks to reach out to in terms of partners and who we want to support.

Green Warrior Idea:
Get the WCMNCN to be a Green Warrior group & start training folks in Morris to be the same. If we could have a crew of folks like this in Morris who would volunteer at events and such to start making composting known city-wide that would be pretty cool! Our Compost Kickoff could be a training event for this, or an invite to people to come be a part of this.

Resources on Composting:

Lots to talk about! See you on Saturday! Let Syd know if you want to call into the convo!

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It is pretty small, but that email list URL is long and ugly and not something folks are likely to type in. Should I use a link shortener like z.umn.edu or bit.ly?

I would love to attend, but will not be in Morris! I am happy to participate in any other format!

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@Susan_Gilbert voted for TinyURL, so we went with that. We’ve printed 5 sheets (so 20 handouts) for tomorrow. See folks then!

ClimateNetworkHandout_front.pdf (108.7 KB)