June meeting moves to Sat 13th June

Due to circumstances, this month’s on-line meeting will be held Saturday 13th June from 10.30am to noon.

Join with Google Meet via this link
that is https://meet.google.com/bte-bati-iae

Join by phone
‪+1 530-481-6171‬ PIN: ‪940 428 463‬#

Topics to discuss:

  • Talking about how we could engage with Nathan & the county in regards to the email in the post by Syd here titled Waste/Compost in Stevens County in the Discussion category
  • Talking about how we could engage with our group & have more discussion throughout the summer
  • Discussion on write-up in stevens county times now that the things mentioned in the email are hip-happening
  • Simply a friendly check in with folks who are doing the good work
  • decide date for next meeting due to 4th July clash

A few notes from our meeting.

Given the list of topics to discuss we combined them into one main discussion and decided to write an article/letter to the editor about composting. The article should include:

  • a little history about what people have done locally in the past with their food scraps/compostable waste,

  • look at when/why things changed (if we can find details)

  • talk about the current situation where we are paying for compostables to be dealt with in the waste system

  • look to the future where these items can/will be diverted from the waste steam, saving us money, protecting our environment etc.

With the first Saturday of July being the fourth we decided to reschedule our meeting to Saturday 11th July. An on-line meeting will be scheduled and the link shared in about a week.

PS If you have suggestions for our article/letter on composting please share in the comments below. Many thanks.

Join the meeting here:

This will be a check-in mostly to see how things are going and to see if there are things we can do in the new circumstances to aid work fighting climate change.

Are there changes to the discourse that would help?

Share items you’d like to discuss.