Waste/Compost in Stevens County

At past meetings we have discussed getting in contact with Nathan Reinbold of Pope Douglas Recycling to see how we as a community group can work with our county officials to bring composting to our area.

I have not sent an email to Nathan in a while, I have really dropped the ball on that one and feel bad.

HOWEVER, Nathan included me in an email he sent to the County folks, Engebretsons, and Blaine Hill which was very exciting and made me feel super cool! He sent this a week or two ago, and I kept forgetting to share it with you all.

I thought I would attach that email here because it includes the timeline for the composting project.

I have also heard from Blaine Hill that the county is moving forward in applying for this grant.

Hello Stevens County/City of Morris/Morris Model/Waste Hauler folks!

Awesome opportunity below to secure funds to develop an organics recycling collection infrastructure.

Pope/Douglas has been successful in securing a few of the Greater MN Recycling/Composting grants to develop and develop and expand organics recycling access, multifamily recycling, business recycling outreach.

Pope/Douglas will be constructing the ‘Phase I’ regional compost site/organics transfer station this summer… For 3 years, we will be consolidating the regional organics at this location near Hoffman and transferring to Tri-County Organics near St. Cloud.

Additionally, we are still in the running to secure funds through the CAP Bonding program for the Environmental Center (HHW, Recycling, Problem Materials, Waste Education), Materials Recovery Facility – to also accept single sort recycling, and regional compost site Phase 2 – buildout for doing more -on-site composting in an environmentally protective manner under roof.

Here is the timeline:

Regional Organics Composting Site
Pope/Douglas is currently in the permitting stage with the MN Pollution Control Agency to develop a regional organics composting facility to serve the counties of Douglas, Pope, Grant, Stevens, Otter Tail. Additional counties would be welcomed to participate in the organics recycling program and should contact Pope/Douglas for additional information.

Pilot 1: 2017-2019

  • Organics collection began for several schools and businesses in Pope & Douglas Counties
  • ‘Organix’ co-collection curbside organics recycling started (Osakis, Glenwood, Elbow Lake)
  • Several community organics drop sites were developed

Phase 1: 2020

  • Construction of an Organics Transfer Station to serve the 5 county regional organics partnership
  • Capacity for up to 1,000 tons/year

Phase 2: 2023

  • Site will be permitted to process up to 15,000 tons/year within 10-15 years (projected)
  • Initial build-out designed to process 2,500 tons/year
  • Construction of an Organics Processing Facility

Grant funds can go towards things like: Developing Community Organics Drop Site, Organics Curbside Carts, educational signs/stickers/fliers, radio/newspaper ads, slim jims/brute containers for schools/businesses, waste/recycling stainless steel tables for schools, compostable bags/create household starter kits, equipment/supplies. Etc.

Pope/Douglas had purchased a rear load garbage packer truck to as part of a cash match to secure a previous MPCA Env Assistance grant.

This grant would enable Stevens County to hit the ground running towards some of the sustainability goals of the college, Morris Model consortium and greater Stevens County region.

Interested in applying?

Pope/Douglas can meet to discuss previous grant applications to guide a possible Stevens County application. Grant County has an on-going organics recycling grant in process as well.

Open for Counties/Cities and other political subdivisions to apply.


Nathan Reinbold

Environmental Coordinator
Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management
2115 Jefferson Street
Alexandria, MN 56308
tel: 320-763-9340 toll free: 800-972-6318
fax: 320-763-9342

This was an exciting email to read, and it was exciting to hear from Blaine that the county is considering moving forward on this!

It makes me ask the question: what should an email to Nathan or the county (Rebecca Young) look like? How can we be helpful people power? What information are we interested in gathering more of?


Very cool! :clap: :clap: :clap: Thanks for sharing, @syd. Great to know more about the timeline for the composting project, and I especially like reading the list of things that this grant opportunity could help develop.

When is the deadline for this grant? Does the county need people power from this group to help co-write the application?

Are there specific elements of what the grant could fund that we would like to advocate for?

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