November 2023 Meeting + Notes (Sat Nov 4 @ 10:30AM)

Meeting: Saturday 4th November 2023 @ 10:30am

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  • Community Check In
  • Resilient Lawns Library Report
    • Everyone who chose a topic to research for the library can go around and share some of their learnings
  • Planning future meetings with Park Board and others
  • Calendar Updates


  • Community Check In

    • @syd is thinking about how she is excited for WINTER!
    • @cberthiaume is thinking about how the tasks & work plans for their position will sort themselves out as time goes on
    • @mgm is thinking about resilient lawn biodiversity as a whole, not just relating to mowing habits!
    • @wenkaiguan is thinking about how data centers can be made more efficient
    • @vern is thinking about how MAES students raked his yard!
    • Dan is thinking about how often feelings override thinking and how that seems to be the case regarding the genocide in Gaza
    • @Cait_C is thinking about whether or not she should do any planting this weekend
    • @susan_gilbert is thinking about how the kitchen is an apple pressing mess!
  • Resilient Lawns Library Report

    • Folks went around and shared a summary and some highlights from their individual research for the RLL. You can check out the detailed research on the RLL post!
  • Homework

    1. Read others Resilient Lawn Library Research
    2. Represent WCMNCN at Morris Model Resiliency Events
    3. Lawn chat with non-WCMNCN folks (neighbor, friend, etc.)

Hi guys, nice to meet you all! My research vision is to develop more sustainable computing systems by reducing carbon emissions. My current research can help reduce the carbon emissions for a small set of servers in the Morris Computer Science program; the campus IT department has its own datacenter, which I would like to eventually work with for reducing carbon emissions; the University of Minnesota Systems have multiple datacenters, and my long-term goal is to possibly work with the system campus to make our datacenters more sustainable.
I look forward to meeting you all in December!