October 2023 Meeting + Notes (Sat Oct 14 @10:30am)

Meeting: Saturday 14th October 2023 @ 10:30am

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  • Welcome & WCMNCN Intro
  • Community Check In
  • City Council/Planning Commission Meeting Recap (Syd’s meeting with Margaret)
  • Continuing conversation: Resilient lawns & community education & change
  • Calendar Updates


  • Welcome & Checkin

    • @syd thinking about how neighbors have power together
    • @nic_mcphee has been trying to dig up the lawn, had some minor surgery, finished Walkable City Rules (sequel to Walkable Cities)
    • @susan_gilbert thinking about the state of the universe and how being here helps them think positively about the state of the universe.
    • Cameron is here as a Green Corps member for the City of Morris, their work focuses on green infrastructure, will be doing work through the city revolving planting and trees and weed removal
    • @mgm thinking about Bird City! What about rain barrels as a practice/program promoted by the city?
    • Dan is appreciative for having a group like this in our community, thinking about how to get the thistles out of his yard transitioning from a tree space to a non-tree space due to recent storms, involved with Friends of the Boundary Waters
    • Caitlin wants to be the change she wants to see, is thinking about how it is perennial planting season
  • City Council/Planning Commission Meeting Recap (Syd’s meeting with Margaret)

    • Potential to meet and have conversation with Park Board, Planning Commission, Tree Board
    • Something that would be super beneficial to bring to these meetings is a great big resources/research/educational background to share.
    • We can build the Resilient Lawns Library! Individuals can research a specific topic and add it to the library of information.
  • Resilient Lawns Library current topic assignments

    • Current City of Morris green space practices - @syd
    • Native turf grass alternatives - @susan_gilbert & @nic_mcphee chat with @mornsky
    • Pollinators! - Dan
    • Trees - Cameron
    • Biodiversity, benefits, and changes seen from resilient lawns - @mgm
    • Current expert lawn research & understanding - Caitlin

If there is a topic you would like to research more in depth for the Library, add it to the list or let @syd know!

Next Meeting: Saturday November 4th @ 10:30AM on Zoom

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