November Climate Thinkin'

At our November meeting we discussed lots of things including but not limited to: the Sustainability Forum, upcoming transitions (government, UMM semesters, 2020 --> 2021), The Land Stewardship Project, David Attenborough’s new documentary – Twas a great time chatting.

We talked about how during all of these transitions it might be best & less stress inducing to have a WCMNCN activity that involves fewer deadlines and more flexibility.

So this month we invite you to do some brainstorming! Our November goal is to jot down all of those random climate related thoughts we have throughout the month. Once our December meeting (read about that here) rolls around we will then have a collective pile of cool & interesting things we can sift through. This pile will help us decide where we would like to go and what we would like to do as the new year rolls around.

Basically - instead of having those climate thoughts and then tossing them out of the brain space, jot them down on a piece of paper and then drop them here! These can be things you have been thinking about recently or things that come up new. We really just want a giant pile of related & unrelated thoughts & things, curiosities & goals having to do with ~climate~.

Any questions, let me know! Any thoughts, jot them in the comments!
This month we think & share our thinks!

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Right off the bat I am thinking about:

  • What is Chris Watkins (new City sustainability guy) up to?
  • What groups already have projects & work being done that we can jump on board with & support?
  • Ethanol??? Whats that about?? There is definitely more to this than I know.
  • It would be kinda cool to engage with the city council after this election and ask/learn what they are planning to do relating to the Morris Model this year. Can I still go to City Council meetings? They are on Zoom now I think? Am I welcome to join in?
  • How can I compost off campus and without my own compost pile?
  • What policies should I know about in MN and the US right off the bat this year? What have I not been paying enough attention to?
  • It is hard to do this work as a young person with little $$ and energy in a world of late stage capitalism.
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I just had a meeting with Chris Watkins the Sustainability Coordinator for the city. He is very much looking to connect with people from the community and I invited him to join us at our next meeting. This has been a big part of my thoughts relating to climate thinkin’ so I am excited to chat with him more. Do you have any questions or thoughts for Chris? Is there anything in particular you are thinking about in relation to the Morris Model or the City Sustainability Projects?