Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Repair. Recycle. Rot

This is a place to collect, share, and request information and resources to help us Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Repair and Recycle. Please add your own suggestions to this wiki!




As we learned from our waste meeting Friday 21st February 2020 this is not as effective a way of dealing with waste as we might have supposed. Please consider, of all the things we might do to reduce our impact on the environment, this is just one step above putting items in the trash. (As of 21 Feb 2020 recycling disposal is cheaper than trash disposal.)

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Over winter break I turned some old flannel sheets and pajamas into reusable replacements for tissues and paper towels. We go through so many tissues and paper towels in our house and this has really helped us cut back!


I was googling ‘how to make a flannel’ a couple of days ago as I thought surely I could make one from an old towel. (Yes you can!) I discovered that in USEnglish it’s called a wash cloth and that there is a whole world of using towels/flannel/sheets/tea-towels etc to make things. The whole replacing paper towels with unpaper towels is a revelation. WOW!!!

I’ve started taking my PdT cloth bags for bulk items to Willies to replace the produce section plastic bags. I don’t really have enough so I’m contemplating making my own from muslin fabric I have.


Craft, climate, and linguistic discoveries in one! Yay @Susan_Gilbert!

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