Stevens County Organics Recycling

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The Stevens County Organics Recycling Program was established in 2021 after Stevens County Environmental Services applied for a grant through the MPCA Environmental Assistance Grant Program.

The program aims to increase opportunities, access, and education surrounding implementation of Organics Recycling throughout Stevens County.

With our partners, Engebretson Disposal and Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management, Stevens County organics will be hauled to the Glacial Ridge Compost Facility in Hoffman, MN.

Starting with large waste producers/institutions and following with smaller waste producers/households, the program hopes to eventually provide organics recycling across all of Stevens County.

Household Organics Dropsite Survey
After a summer of supplies & labor taking longer than usual, the Stevens County Organics Dropsites should officially be completed in the next two weeks! There will be a dropsite kickoff at both Morris dropsites where we give away some Organics Recycling starter kits (3 gal bins, BPI certified bags, signage/stickers). The dropsite kickoffs will also be to answer any questions about Organics Recycling and share some important information about Organics recycling.

If you are interested in getting a starter kit/attending a dropsite kickoff, please fill out this form: Feel free to forward this on to anyone else you think may be interested in the Stevens County Organics Dropsite kickoffs!