Meeting with Nathan Reinbold (Pope/Douglas)

We are planning a meeting with Nathan Reinbold of Pope Douglas Recycling. This post will be for planning, note taking, and question brainstorming for the meeting.

Purpose of meeting sent to Nathan via email:

We were hoping to set up a meeting with you to ask some general questions and have some general discussion on: any tips and tricks you have found when bringing together community surrounding organics, resources you might know about that we could utilize, questions you know folks will ask (so that we can ask them & know the answers!), and anything else that might be helpful as we embark on coordinating and kicking off some of the organics efforts in Stevens County.

Please fill out the when2meet if you are interested in joining in on this conversation: WCMNCN Meeting w/ Nathan - When2meet

If you have any specific questions you think we should ask Nathan, toss them in the comments!