August Meeting & Notes (Aug 7 2021 @ 10:30AM @ Eastside Park)

Our second in person meeting! Details & Meeting notes below!

Saturday, August 7th @ 10:30AM in Eastside Park

If you cannot make it in person, but would like to attend let @syd know and we will call you in!


  • Discuss info we gathered from meetings with Nathan and Troy/Bill.
  • Discuss our role in the organics rollout - focus on individuals & community vs commercial & business
  • What other information do we need to gather for this event to be successful?
  • What do we want the layout of this event to be like?

Meeting Notes:

Here are some summaries & takeaways of what we talked about.

  • Things to remember & DO
    • Advertising/Outreach
      • Reaching out and advertising in ALL of Stevens County
      • Reaching out to individuals AND institutions
      • Emailing entire large Climate Strike list
      • Emailing everyone who attended the Waste event
      • Intentionally inviting churches and businesses
    • Coordination/Planning
      • Reserve Eastside
      • Pick a date & time (week of Oct 4th) at our next large group meeting (last week of August) if we do not hear about the Germans’ schedule by then
    • Other things to think about
      • We could invite the Germans to do a little speaking about how their system works. This could also just be a natural part of the discussion if they attend.
  • What is the WCMNCN role in this event?
    • We are not the content folks, we are the coordinators, organizers, and bringer of people (presenters & attendees)
  • What do we want the event format to look like?
    • Over the lunch hour (to be determined what that exactly is) during the week of October 4th (depending on what day the Germans are here) at Eastside Park.
    • We will invite people to bring their lunch and have a sort of picnic. BYOL (Lunch)
    • It would be fun if Nathan could bring his Waste Warrior gear and we allow folks to see some of the materials and utilize the bins with their picnic supplies.
  • Schedule Concept
    • 00:00-00:10 – Settle in, sign in, and Syd welcomes/intros
    • 00:10-00:30 – Invite Nathan to give a presentation on the Glacial Ridge Compost Facility & an overview of the current Organics Recycling program in Pope/Douglas
      • People want to know the system (facility) and the system (what is already in place, successes/struggles) and the system (educational materials & resources available)
    • 00:30-00:50 – Folks split up into two (maybe three) groups to have conversation and ask questions. The two groups are (A) Individuals who want to Organics Recycle at their households and (B) Folks who want to Organics Recycle at their institution/restaurant/church/larger producer facility. (Group C would be folks who want to learn more about backyard composting, which could just be a group within group A).
      • Group A: Representatives from the WCMNCN will help facilitate a conversation around household participation in the Organics Program. Folks will ask & answer questions, brainstorm ideas for community drop sites, and come up with ways to engage more members of the community in the program. This will be a time to give out important information regarding household participation in the system, and invite people to come up with problems and solutions they see within the system.
      • Group B: We will invite Troy Engebretson & Bill Kleindl & Nathan Reinbold to sit with group B and answer questions and give instructions on who to contact and what first steps they should take in order to make institutional Organics Recycling a reality for them. This could be a time for Troy & Bill to share important need to know information with this group, a time to let folks ask questions (both directions), and a time to brainstorm as a collective whole some concerns and solutions regarding the program.
    • 00:50-01:00 – Closing time, thanking folks for attending, making sure everyone had a chance to sign in, allowing folks to stay around and continue to chat/ask questions.

Future Meetings/Planning:
We will have another meeting with Bill, Troy, Nathan, and Chris during the week of Aug. 23rd to discuss content during the group sessions. Fill out the When2Meet if you are interested in joining the meeting!!
September 11th will be our next WCMNCN meeting where we will finalize some things on advertising and outreach to do for the rest of Sept.
We can have one final meeting with Bill, Troy, Nathan, and Chris at the end of September if we feel the need before the event.
We can have our WCMNCN meeting for October AFTER the waste event.